Increasing Accessibility Through 3D Prints

production by JILLIAN KORKOSZ
photography courtesy of GENERAL PUBLIC

August 16, 2018

Former Arrested Development star Portia de Rossi recently launched a groundbreaking new company that marries passion with accessibility in a seamless effort through art and technology.

Portia de Rossi introduces General Public

Portia de Rossi introduces General Public

“I formed my company, General Public with a view to bring good art to more people,” de Rossi introduces on her new company’s website. Inspired by her and wife Ellen DeGeneres’ art collection of their own, the actress-turned-CEO sought to create a way to make art more accessible to the general public, hence the name of her company. She aims to break down the walls allowing only certain collectors and people who are rich to hang art on their walls while art enthusiasts without the time or financial means to commit to buying artwork through a middleman.

In addition to art becoming more easily accessible to the public, de Rossi aims to support artists from around the world. Both established and emerging artists have a place in General Public’s gallery. For an artist to be a part of the company, de Rossi allows submissions directly on the front page of General Public’s website. The submissions are carefully reviewed and selected by de Rossi and a committee of select advisors; artwork from more established artists are collected from antique stores and flea markets and available for print. Each and every artist will receive royalties for each piece of artwork, or Synograph, purchased. The price of a Synograph averages around $1,000.

Through innovative 3D printing technology in collaboration with artists, consumers with a pas-sion for art and art-collecting will be now be able to purchase artwork in a time and cost effective manner. Trademarked as the Synograph for its unique “synergy of art and technology,” this astounding 3D printing allows for the artist’s work to preserve the same look, texture, and overall aesthetic as original works.

“I like to think of the originals like sculpture molds, and that the prints are as valuable as the original painting,” de Rossi explains. All attributions to the artwork down to the brush stroke are preserved. The artwork on display at Restoration Hardware Flagship Store encourages visitors to touch the art themselves, which is often prohibited as damage-control in art galleries.

This innovation of using 3D printing technology for art per the Synograph allows for multiple copies of artwork of the same quality to exist and be enjoyed by multiple people, holding fast to de Rossi’s mission statement.

General Public made its debut in May 2018 online, but be sure to keep an eye out for its trademark Synographs to be displayed in RH Modern galleries, as well as on the walls of rooms of everyday people.