Conceptual and subversive.

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August 31, 2018

article & photography by JULIA WOOD
production by JILLIAN KORKOSZ

Following a successful career as the ready-to-wear designer for the iconic house of Paris, Mark Margiela is receiving recognition at the Museé des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, France. The exhibition will occupy this space until September 2, 2018. « Margiela, les années Hermès » was originally crafted by the ModeMuseum during the previous year in Antwerp. It proved to intrigue the public on a scale that encouraged the adoption of Margiela into the Museé des Arts Decoratifs. The exhibition encapsulates Margiela’s gift for technical craftsmanship and a refinement of style.

Mark Margeila is regarded as Hermès’ formerly anonymous Belgian designer. Taken onboard by Jean-Louis Dumas in 1997, Hermès became a controversial subject throughout the fashion industry. His refusal to enlist a highly recognized designer sent shock waves. In fact, Margiela has never been the subject of an interview. Nonetheless, high-risk often results in high-reward as proven by the former Hermès chairman. From 1997-2003 the collaboration between Mark Margiela and Hermès would forever change the house of Paris.

With twelve consecutive collections, Mark Margiela reinvisioned the Hermès woman. He injected comfort and luxury into runway looks and initiated a transition away from loud prints and colors. Margiela further adopted an elevated sense of sophistication through his model choice. Unlike his counterparts in the industry, Margiela opted to employ older models with a variety of shapes and sizes. Throughout the exhibit you can find multiple circuit recordings to revive the Margiela runway experience. Along with this, the exhibit pays tribute to Margiela as a leader in « La mode Destroy » or fashion deconstruction. Many displays are dedicated to Margeila’s deconstructionist looks and upcycled pieces. These allow viewers a glimpse of how the fashion world was turned inside out by the work of one man.

The exhibition takes a unique approach of tribute by blending the work of Margiela under the Hermès name and his personal creations. It is the first of its kind at the Museé des Arts Decoratifs. Moreover, Margiela has assumed responsibility for artistic direction. If you want to enter the creative process of Margiela’s masterpieces, be sure to visit the « Margiela, les années Hermès » in Paris.