Plant a Seed, Grow a Garden

In 1985, Ivy Brown decided to settle into one of New York’s more notorious neighborhoods; a lot has changed since then, excepting Ivy.

In 1985, Ivy Brown’s chosen neighborhood was unlit and unsavory, its streets awash with meat-packing byproducts and transvestite prostitutes – hardly a welcoming destination for a soft-spoken young marketing executive and aspiring gallery owner. Brown gritted her teeth for the challenge, and as years passed and the area gradually became home to high-fashion flagships, tech firms, gourmet markets and chic nightclubs, her fourth-floor flat in the Triangle Building evolved into a haven of tranquility and creative expression.
After twenty-two frenetic years in commercial work, Ivy envisioned a refuge for the fine-art community to operate without oversight by marketing executives, and since 2001, Ivy Brown Gallery has embodied this ethos, representing and exhibiting new and established contemporary artists of every ilk, medium and nationality.
Her commitment extends to highlighting and enhancing the critical role art plays in our humanity; the gallery’s first show was a response to 9/11, a tribute focused entirely on clowns and attended by every radical faerie in New York City. It was the beginning of an enduring network of friendships and mutual support.
Ivy Brown Gallery is a world unto itself, a unique, malleable space that transforms with each show while maintaining its creator’s vitality and aesthetic. “This is not your normal gallery,” she says, “It has its own personality which we do not try to hide.”

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