Beyond the news in the days of terror

photography by GREG GULBRANSEN
style & production by CYNTHIA ALTORISO
hair & make up by JERRY LOPEZ
backdrops & roof location by CHARLES BRODERSON
photography assistant BILLY JIM
earrings ELLAGEM


We at Spirit & Flesh are are pleased to honor the Women’s Movement by featuring women of accomplishment. Such a woman is journalist and author, Giovanna Pancheri.

Born in Rome, Giovanna is the US & UN Correspondent for Italy’s second largest news channel, SKY TG24. Since 2009 she traveled the continent covering many important European events, from the Greek economic crisis, to the refugee crisis and the terrorist attacks in Paris for which she has written a book.

On January 7, 2015, the Paris office of CHARLIE HEBDO, the French satirical magazine was attacked by terrorists, killing 12 people and injuring many more. More attacks followed on January 9th and November 13th.

This ‘annus horribilis’ for France started a new historical era in Europe… a dark age made of fear, closure and mistrust.

Author, Giovanna Pancheri  was witness. Giovanna saw the blood, the bullet holes and the flowers. We salute Giovanna Pancheri for her courageous, on the scene reporting.

Read her words and understand how when the lights of the Ville Lumiere were turned off, the darkness fell.