How Graffiti Gentrified Wynwood


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November 30, 2018

article by JULIA WOOD
production by JILLIAN KORKOSZ

Miami, Florida is home to some of the best beaches, bars, and bistros in the United States. Its culture offers a unique Latin flare that draws attention from many. Behind all of the glamorous living lays the hidden gem of Wynwood. Often, neighborhoods such as South Beach and Little Havana have overshadowed Wynwood, until recently. This smaller district has mobilized itself through the impressions left by its uncommon appearance. The graffiti throughout the area has generated a stream of popularity that has begun a revolution of gentrification for a neighborhood formerly facing the threats of poverty.

While Wynwood does have an official exhibit of free-standing walls, it is the neighborhood itself that draws locals and tourists in alike. As you approach the district, there is no mistaking when you’ve arrived at your destination. This location twists the negative connotation of graffiti and embraces the talent of local street artists. The sides of every building and even the sidewalks have become inviting canvases for creative visionaries. The public walls throughout Wynwood include scenes depicting pop culture, messages of social justice, or abstractions. The decorated neighborhood has recently captured the attention of restaurant tycoons, small business owners, and real estate developers. Wynwood’s unique character has opened the window for entrepreneurs of all kind to present a fresh array of provisions to patrons. Also, local artist galleries can be found on nearly every corner. The less-than mainstream neighborhood supports and celebrates crafts of every kind.

Wynwood’s individual character and charm was a driving force behind the mass gentrification of the area. It was the acceptance of graffiti as a non-traditional, but still exceptional form of art that created economic success here. Although the neighborhood is continuing to develop, the Wynwood Art Walk is not to be missed during your next visit to Miami. The district regularly updates its website,, with all local events.

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