The Things They Did

the seven deadly sins, LUST

YOU heard about IT. You heard talk of IT in bars, at dinner parties, on the networks. You either didn’t believe what you heard or you didn’t believe you would ever amass enough points to be invited in. You heard IT was called LUX, or LUXE, or LUXURIA, which was Latin for LUST. Or that IT was called none of these, or that IT had no name. You thought LUX, or LUXE, or LUXURIA was too on the nose, too obvious a name. But maybe that was the whole idea. Because maybe IT didn’t exist or, if IT did, it was so covert that the name should just tell you exactly what IT was, or the name could tell you nothing, or IT didn’t have a name, IT didn’t matter. But all the same you heard that IT contained THINGS, IMAGES, and SOUNDS, and VIDEO the likes of which had never been seen before, could not even be imagined by anyone who had not SEEN them, could not be described even by the people who had seen THEM. Images and sounds and video of people, human beings, sentient creatures engaged in ACTS that no one could possibly BELIEVE. People of all kinds engaged in UNSPEAKABLE ACTS that had never before been recorded, or photographed, or even written down. This is what you were told by those who had been TOLD by those who KNEW someone who had SEEN them, and that the images and sounds and video CHANGED you then in the MOMENT you saw them and FOREVER. You WANTED, of course, to see these things for yourself even though it frightened you, the IDEA of seeing THEM, but also it frightened you just as much if not more to IMAGINE what kind of ACTS these might be, it frightened you to find yourself conjuring them up, the THOUGHTS coming from you, existing in your HEAD, born of your MIND, acts occurring between people that were so DEBAUCHED, so BEAUTIFUL, so BEGRIMED, so FORBIDDEN, so… Acts such as… and like… and… But at the same time that you could IMAGINE them, you also WANTED to see them for yourself, the REAL acts, which of course would be so much more UNMENTIONABLE than the ones you could come up with, and so you inquired, cautiously at FIRST, and then with more gusto, how it would be that one such as YOURSELF might gain access to THIS place. Some scoffed, some laughed at you, some feigned a complete lack of knowledge of such things, some were DISGUSTED, some just smiled and walked away, and so eventually you gave up. BUT then one day there was a message to YOU, handwritten, ANONYMOUS, left in a place where you often found yourself: an address. You went to the address and you entered the login credentials and there you were: inside. There you were looking at the images and listening to the sounds of people engaged in lewd and lascivious acts, exactly in fact the unspeakable acts that you had imagined for yourself when first you heard about this place. Their faces, their bodies, the sounds they made, the things they did. Their skin, their eyes, their hair. Exactly as you had dreamed it would be, every detail, nothing more and nothing less. And in that moment that’s when you understood what LUX, or LUXE, or LUXURIA really was and how and where it could be found, for all time.

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