Astrology and Good Fortune

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June 24, 2018

Ever wondered when the tides are going to turn in your favor? Whether you will be prepared for it when it does? If you’ve hit a bad run lately or feel as though you are simply missing the signs, take solace in the knowledge that you are not alone. Many of us experience times when it seems like our blessings have run out, but the good news is that you can help to turn the tides in your favor once again. Using the law of attraction, we can draw positive experiences and opportunities to us simply by thinking about them and using certain practices to prepare ourselves for good fortune.

Getting into good habits on certain days can drastically improve your likelihood of hitting a home run on the fortune front. Coordinating our actions at optimal times of the week for our particular star signs is a great way to attract opportunity and improve our prospects in the game of life, and who knows, you may even increase your odds of becoming rich or likelihood of success in love if you seek to stack the deck in your favor with these tips.

Mondays are the perfect day for all signs to improve their likelihoods in life. Filled with enormous potential, Monday is symbolic of new beginnings, which makes it ideal to start a fresh project or take a venture in a new direction. Ruled by the moon, Mondays are representative of passing time, so making lists and schedules for the coming weeks and months is the perfect activity for this day. While Cancer signs tend to see the most rewards Mondays, this is a day in which all signs would benefit from drawing up a mood board of positive experiences and opportunities that they wish to bring into their lives over the coming months. Hang this list or board on a wall and spend some time each Monday meditating on it to drastically improve our likelihood of achieving these goals.

To further improve likelihoods of manifesting these desires, it’s a good idea to wear or surround yourself with:

  • Images of the moon, including prints and jewelry
  • Seashells
  • Silver
  • Blue and white
  • Pearls, opals, sapphire, onyx and coral

Traditionally a day filled with energy and power, Tuesdays are the perfect follow-up day for the preparation undertaken on a Monday. This is the day in which you can propel your new project or venture onto its path for success. Ruled by the planet Mars, Tuesdays are symbolic of affirmation, determination and perseverance, which means they are optimal days to close deals or tie up loose ends. The signs Aries and Scorpio will be particularly energized on this day, but all signs will benefit from the enhanced energy of willfulness and achievement that this day offers.

To really boost the power that Tuesday offers, it’s a good idea to wear or surround yourself with:

  • Images of fire or prints incorporating warm colors
  • Scents such as rose, myrrh and cedar
  • Gold
  • Garnet, ruby and carnelian

The theme for Wednesday is balance, allowing for reflection and forecast in equal measures. As the midpoint of the week, Wednesdays bring a certain harmony to troubled or challenging times and permit us to use any lessons learned from the past to inform our behavior in the future. Ruled by Mercury, Wednesdays are perfect for engaging in communication or furthering intelligence. Socializing, traveling and studying are all great tasks to save for this day, the benefits of which will be particularly felt by Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius.

Enhance the power that Wednesday offers by wearing or surrounding yourself with:

  • Images of birds or feathers
  • Scents such as lemongrass, lavender and sandalwood
  • Daffodils and lilies
  • Blue, violet and purple

Filled with optimism, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, which is emblematic of personal growth, abundance and prosperity. The perfect day for achieving self-improvement, all the star signs will benefit from working on their relationships with others and themselves with a view to achieving harmony and balance within them. Confidence and self-assurance will be abundant for all on this day, however, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the benefit the most.

Maximize your likelihoods of good fortune on Thursday by wearing or surrounding yourself with:

  • Images of carnations or magnolias
  • Scents such as mint, rose and lime
  • Blue, yellow and red
  • Amethyst, turquoise and lapis lazuli

A day for merriment and joviality, Fridays are the culmination of all the energy from the week; meaning that it is a great time to meet with friends, visit with the loved ones, enjoy some self-indulgence or hit the town. Ruled by Venus, Fridays bring excitement, passion and joy, so they are also perfect for trying out new recipes or some other creative venture that you might have been putting off. Taurus and Libra will enjoy themselves more than most on this day; though the power of Friday is undeniably felt across all signs!

Improve your likelihoods on Fridays by wearing or surrounding yourself with:

  • Images of birds and florals
  • Scents such as lilac, rose and jasmine
  • Greens and reds
  • Emerald, jade, amethyst and diamonds

Want to get that project finished? This is the day for to wrap-up loose ends from the week and meet any goals you have set yourself. Ruled by Saturn, Saturdays are all about productivity and accomplishment, so make a schedule of tasks for your day and stick to it to make the most of the controlling energy that this day brings. Also, carry out maintenance or undertake practical tasks that you might have been putting off so that you can improve your fortune. Capricorns will feel the advantages of Saturdays the most, but all signs will notice the benefits of implementing a Saturday schedule.

Enhance the effects of a structured Saturday by wearing or surrounding yourself with:

  • Images of snakes or dragons
  • Scents such as pine, juniper and thyme
  • Black, brown and indigo
  • Onyx and obsidian

If you thought that you might get a rest on Sunday, you would be wrong. Ruled by the sun, Sundays bring abundant energy which, if used correctly, can bring increased vitality and life and invigorate you for the week ahead. Socializing, walking and singing are all great activities for this day as they help to restore your energy and attract positive vibrations for the coming week. Leos will particularly feel energized on this day.

To enhance energy on Sundays, surround yourself with or wear:

  • Images of sunflowers, lions and fire
  • Gold
  • Scents such as rosemary, citrus and cinnamon
  • Amber, carnelian and topaz

While some signs feel the benefit of certain days more than others, all signs would do well to undertake certain tasks on certain days to improve their fortune. Attracting positive experiences and opportunities will become second nature once you get into the habit of undertaking practices and rituals on the days you feel could help you the most.

Harnessing the energy of each day is a powerful way to bring about success for your projects and desires for the future. By aligning energies of gems, scents and colors, you will begin to see the impact of your efforts. And by the law of attraction, you will increase your likelihoods of achieving our most coveted goals.