February 4, 2016

“BLUE NOTE”, the inspiration for David Hart’s Fall/Winter 2016 menswear collection, which launched February 1st at New York’s Industria Superstudio, is noteworthy not only for the talent behind the fashion, but also the talent wearing the fashion.

Hart, at home with the many albums of his father’s collection, pays homage to an era of jazz, cafe society and elegant, sharp threads.
In a milieu peopled by such talents as Sonny Stitt, Miles Davis and Max Roach, the designer aimed for an authentic approach to tell his latest fashion story.
Hence the all-star cast of Black models keeping it real.

Both evening and daytime, the elegant tailoring includes quality woolens, tweeds, plaids and silks that are the touchstone of the David Hart repertoire.
To Hart’s continued credit, the collection is absolutely wearable for today’s modern guy with an appreciation for quality and a touch of soft nostalgia.

Additionally, it bears note that David lent his prodigious creativity in collaboration with Johnston & Murphy in the design of the shoes for this collection.

Spirit and Flesh is proud to feature David Hart in the forthcoming “MYSTERY” issue.