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April 28, 2017

To approach the theme of magic is difficult in an era of so much fantasy in film and print. We were inspired by the 2004 film “The Prestige” starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Scarlett Johansson. The film focuses on a rivalry between two Magicians in 19th Century London who constantly try to outdo each other. Their goal is to reach the perfect magic trick and it’s apex, The Prestige, where the slight of hand is no longer a mere trick, but instead is real magic.

BRAD: coat Landeros New York / suit Todd Snyder / shirt Tommy Hilfiger / tie Title of Work / shoes Noah Waxman / hat Stetson at JJ Hat Center / scarf Title of Work

We took on a version featuring one of the Magicians and his two assistants. Their complex relationships center around The Magician (Brad Welling) , his exotic on stage assistant and love interest (Yulia Saparniiazova), and the backstage assistant (kieran). A triangle of power, love, lust and control is formed and plays out on stage and off. Who really holds the high card? Who holds the power?

The Magician’s relationship with the beautiful Yulia helps him onstage to command attention through her beauty, distracting any slight of hand that might be caught. His escape acts using binding with ropes and chains and become erotic influencing his off-stage entanglements with Yulia. Soon his bondage skills evolve and become complex Shibari knots. He reaches a point where the fetish lines are blurred between on stage and real life where he and Yulia are bound in a twisted play of control.

KIERAN: coat Carlos Campos / suit Loris Diran / shirt Loris Diran / shoes Noah Waxman

BRAD: suit Caruso / shirt By Robert James / tie Title of Work

YULIA: dress Osman / shoes Manolo Blahnik / earrings Alex Soldier / cuff Haus of Topper
BRAD: suit Joseph Abboud / shoe Noah Waxman / shirt R.Swaider

The backstage assistant dreams of replacing the Magician with his own talent; privately loathing the way he is treated. He dreams go unfulfilled, due to his lack of education and social status. He is in love with the beautiful Yulia and becomes her protector and confidant. However he never reaches her fully. Unknowingly he holds a powerful magic himself: his knowledge about the exotic relationship between the two, as well as his the mechanics necessary to create each illusion give him the ability to bring the whole scheme down.

Birds are an important part of the act. They appear and disappear, delicate and elusive they are also the portal to flight and ultimate freedom.

The Prestige

BRAD: all garments R.Swaider

KIERAN: pant & waistcoat Krammer & Stoudt

YULIA: dress Nicholas K. / earrings Haus of Topper / necklace Finn Jewelry

YULIA: suit LOVE Binetti / earrings Laruicci

BRAD: suit Landeros New York / shirt Carlos Campos / bowtie Title of Work / tophat Worth & Worth by Orlando Palacios / pocket square Title of Work