September 19, 2017

Yachi Gault: How would you describe about your career? And what do you like about acting?

Jodi Balfour: I moved to Canada in 2010 after I finished at drama school to be closer to my family who lived there, and I have just been putting one foot in front of the other since then. Work has taken me all over, and I’ve now lived in four different cities in six years. It’s been an adventure, sometimes very challenging and confusing, and other times very rewarding.
What I love most about acting is the learning and exploring that happens during the process as we try to understand and inhabit a whole new human being. I love that it absolutely demands you be present and in the moment.

YG: You are based in Los Angeles, how is your day like when you are not on the set?

JB: I like to wake up fairly early and meditate. Then, when it’s a beautiful day, I’ll go for a run on the beach and then a swim in the ocean; come home for some black coffee and breakfast. Some days I spend seeing friends, other days I dive into a novel or see a great film.

YG: What is your favorite activity?

JB: Sitting around the dinner table (at home or at a restaurant) with close friends or family, eating delicious food and drinking delicious wine and enjoying good conversation.

YG: You are originally from South Africa, how do you describe your upbringing in South Africa?

JB: I had a very happy and lucky childhood. Cape Town was a very magic place to grow up. Its natural beauty and culture and energy has informed so much of who I am.

YG: What is the most important thing / issue for you ? ( personal and social)

JB: I’m very passionate about equality and injustice. I’ve always been hot-headed about anything to do with equal rights, equal opportunity, discrimination and prejudice. I’d like to further my education around these issues one day and be of better service to them.

YG: If you could change one thing in the world what could you change?

JB: Extreme poverty.

YG: If there could be one more hour in a day, 25 hours instead of 24, how would you use the extra hour? One more day in a year, who would you spend with? And what would you do?

JB: I would go outside. I always want to spend more time outdoors. For that one extra day, I would gather my favorite people in the world for an all-day walk in the mountains that ends in a beautiful feast around a camp fire.

YG: How do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

JB: Speaking French and Spanish, with a dog and a little patch of land somewhere that feels like home, preparing for a wonderfully challenging role and cooking nourishing food out of my own vegetable garden for my family and friends.

YG: What is your next project? Can you talk about it?

JB: I can be seen on season two of  Netflix’s “The Crown”, playing Jackie Kennedy. And I finished filming a miniseries for BBC and HBO called “Rellik”. It’s a psychological thriller centered around a serial killer investigation. Both of them will be released towards the end of this year.

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