December 1, 2015

Linda Fargo is suited perfectly for her position as Senior Vice President of the Fashion Office at Bergdorf Goodman. She wears her title like a couture dress while facing down the demands of a competitive retail business. She spoke with her friend Amy Fine Collins.

Amy Fine Collin: Who or what are you most passionate about?

Linda Fargo: Well, right now there is a certain Scandinavian and his incredible dog too.

AFC: If you didn’t have your present job what would you be doing?

LF: Perhaps something between a multi-media artist, and a mise-en-scéne interior designer.

AFC: When was the last time you wept over a dress?

LF: The intimate and absolutely final last showing of Lee McQueen’s work. It was as if he pre-meditated this almost religious pageantry of cardinal red and ecclesiastic gold finery knowing that he would be watching down on us from a netherland. It was an exquisite and heartbreaking farewell.

AFC: What makes you laugh?

LF: Laughter, like love, is provoked mysteriously and unpredictably. There are things that can make you either snicker, giggle, burst, cry, cringe or just smile. All I know is that it’s as important as sleeping, eating or breathing.

AFC: Name your top three skills.

LF: Probably my ability to apply my eye, harness creativity as a means to invent and solve, and a willingness to be completely present.

AFC: What would you like to do that you’ve never done before?

LF: I would love to hit the pause button and buy one of those limitless one-way tickets, and see and taste and smell the world!

AFC: Whom would you like to meet that you’ve never met before? If possible, name someone living!

LF: Living? I would love to sit down and interview “The Interviewer,” Barbara Walters. In turn, I would get to know more about some of the most interesting, productive and provocative people of our time. Dead? It would be a toss-up between Picasso and Susan Sontag. Fictional? Rutger Howard’s character as a Replicant in Blade Runner, who had seen the many moons rise over Orion and everything else un-seeable to mere human mortals.