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May 31, 2016

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Star of the upcoming HBO‘s one of its kind project Mosaic by director Steven Soderbergh, irresistible Sharon Stone keeps us company, until the dawn.

Spirit & Flesh: How big a role does mystery play in your life? What is the biggest mystery of life for you?

Sharon Stone: Not much. I can enjoy a happy surprise, but as a mom of three young boys I prefer my mystery in the roles I play and at the movies, or in photo shoots like this one.
For me the biggest mystery of life is how to continually grow as a person, refine myself, and learn from my own mistakes, and that is plenty of mystery, trust me.

S&F: Are you aware of the public perception of who Sharon Stone is and how close is it to who you
feel yourself to be?

SS: I don’t think that anyone’s public persona is really who they really are; it’s an amalgamation of photographs and interviewers’ ideas and rare real things that find their way in to the big world, but much of who people see us as is simply a mirror of how they see themselves through or in us. I hope I can provide a positive mirror and a certain amount of positive influence in how others see me and the world through my experiences.

S&F: What is the most important thing you want people to know about you?

SS: I want people to know that I am grateful for the life their support has given me.

S&F: What do you wish to be remembered for?

SS: For being a great mom. “Wow those Stone boys are amazing.”

S&F: What for you is the most exciting about the upcoming project with Steven Soderbergh and HBO, Mosaic?

SS: It is an absolute inspiration to work with Mr. Soderbergh. He is now, as he has been since the beginning of his career, a visionary. To be able to work with him as he breaks new ground and to work within the demands of these new challenges is so extraordinary, so compelling. I have never been very good doing the ordinary, it seems that I only flourish when I am pushing the boundaries and working with directors who dare and dare greatly. This was an enormous blessing.

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S&F: How involved creatively are you in the Mosaic concept?

SS: I did my work diligently and worked within the perimeters of the overall structure, which was already devised when I was hired.

S&F: Aside from acting, what are you passionate about? What is worth fighting for?

SS: Human rights; that all humans have the right to food, shelter, education, clean water, health care, and above all respect and compassion from our fellow man. When I see the cruelty that is occurring, not only the blatant terrorism but the insidious behavior of those who dare to consider themselves fit for public office, my heart breaks that we, any of us can find this lack of human grace acceptable.
The only possibility to stop violence is to stop it within ourselves. To be courageous within our own hearts and minds, to be willing to stand up for decency and goodness. We must fight with our own darkness.

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