photography by DAVID WHITE
style & production by CYNTHIA ALTORISO
grooming by WALTON NUNEZ

fashion credits:

images 1,2 & 3 by DAVID HART
image 3 shoes by H.H.BROWN
images 4,5,6 & 7 by CARRUSO

Interview with Alexis Gremmel.

ALEXIS GREMMEL: I am a French model and art dealer based in New York and Paris.

I actually got discovered by Hurricane Irene. My building was evacuated and when I got downstairs, a booker handed me his agency card.
A couple of months later I was working with them in France.
My first job as a model was for a Chinese Wedding brand. We shot on location in Nice and my girlfriend at the time was with me so it was a good experience.
Since then, I have worked with designers such as John Varvatos, Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, etc.
I experienced a challenging video shoot with Ricky Martin in upstate New York, and a challenging shoot with snakes in Brooklyn.

My work with art came to me by way of a friend in Paris who was working with French gallerists. He asked if I would be interested in working with the owners to expand in NYC.
Since I was a young child, my parents put me in front of art books, so I have always loved art.
One of my first art shows was in a synagogue. This was a huge event that I launched on my own and it was quite stressful. cf: Alexis Gremmel presents RaawArt.
Some art challenges were: Decorating and choosing all the art for a restaurant in the Meatpacking district called Bagatelle and an event I organized in Tribeca where about 1300 people showed up in one night. cf. Alexis Gremmel – When Art Meets Fashion.
My office is pretty much open to drop ins, and while I am organized, I make sure to take coffee breaks to relieve pressure.

I am lucky to have an infinite variety of clients, from fashion designers, to lawyers and bankers.

I would have loved, I would have loved to have organized an art project in collaboration with the main artists in Cubism such as Pablo Picasso, Jean Metzinger, Albert Gleizes, Fernand Leger, Robert Delauney, etc. To me this was the best creative movement in art at the beginning of the 20th century.

Among my favorite things:
Music – Mister Green, a beat which helps me to think.
Place – not one place, the world.
Fragrance – Bois d’Armenie de Guerlain and Black Orchid by Tom Ford
Sport – my favorite program is is English Boxing, steam room, pool, jaccuzi
Talisman – I wear a pure crystal necklace. My best piece is a gold family ring that I never take off.
Alternate career – I can’t even think about career change, I love too much what I do.

In case of a fire – hard to say…I guess it would be myself.

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