beauty fashion Lenox Fontaine
May 20, 2015

Parties, intimate dinners, and gala openings can be like a game of chess; you have to think several moves ahead of your worthy opponent to make checkmate. In this game, the first move is all important… start with… RED.

First Step: When achieving the perfect red lipstick look, make sure to use cream or liquid concealer over the lips prior to applying your lipstick. This will help the lipstick shade to stay true to color.

Second Step: Every great red lipstick look starts with lip liner! Make sure to apply your lip liner prior to lipstick application. I always like to feather my lip liner into my lips for better color pay off. 

Third Step: Always apply your red lipstick with a lip brush first. The lip brush will help in applying lipstick application in the corners of the mouth and other hard to reach places.

Fourth Step: To clean up messy edges around the mouth try using a cream concealer that matches your complexion with a concealer brush along the edges of the mouth.