Christine Evangelista, Defined by Contrast

video and BTS photography by ERIC VITALE
photograper on set SCHWEIGER ROY
creative direction by ANDREW BASILE
makeup by MIN MIN MA
location PIER 59 STUDIO

When we were first approached by Yelena Deyneko about this project we were excited by the topical storyline of “The Arrangement,” as well as meeting Christine after seeing her work. We were also curious too see the resemblance to her cousin, a legendary Fashion Icon,  Linda Evangelista. The hit series,”The Arrangement,” is a living story and is most relevant as it follows the confusion of good versus evil, when evil is disguised as good. It’s recurrent theme in today’s world where truth is often indistinguishable and disguised is at the forefront of almost every issue.

Christine’s roll is pivotal as she embodies the strength and determination of a young woman in a totally unfamiliar situation, who stands up for herself and her beliefs, determined to crush the organization that dictates and dominates the lives of it’s members. It is a contemporary tale of good versus evil, black versus white, a simple ideal but complex and twisted when untruth is masquerading in plain sight.

We chose to shoot Christine in the spirit of this ideal. A black and white set, spare and revealing, provided the clothing clean lines and simplicity that would become a background for her intense and sensual beauty. Like a black and white movie Christine evoked the pathos of honesty – with the air of Sophia Loren stepping on set, beauty met reality in perfect contrast. Our mission was to allow her personality to come to the front, undecorated, raw and authentic – and so it did. So much can be said when the most basic of contrasts – the purity of black and white – can be allowed to speak for itself, defining the mood and the moment.

Fashion Credits:
Sonia Olla
MKT Studio
Vassilis Zoulias