interview with LEAH SIEGEL of FIREHORSE

In classic Chinese astrology, the definitive trait of the Firehorse is the constant desire for new experiences and challenges. While others may become weary from the resistance, the fiercely-independent Firehorse actually feeds off of the heat of adversity; radiating as it becomes even more dynamic and eager for the next challenge. The Firehorse doesn’t just gallop through its trials by fire, it hungers for them while racing to its next adventure.

True to legend, the group Firehorse, radiates all manner of heat and fire in its resonant, slow-burning sound; whether its smoldering chimes of guitar (check out the brilliant, “If You Don’t Want to Be Alone”), lyrical tales of desire and yearning, or in the vocal prowess of frontwoman, Leah Siegel, who seems to personify all the different stages of fire throughout the course of their critically-acclaimed release, And so they ran faster…

We had the chance to be energized by the force of nature that is Leah Siegel…

Spirit & Flesh: The music of Firehorse is very visual. In your songwriting process, does the imagery usually come first?

Leah Siegel: It becomes increasingly harder to be able to distinguish where my ideas come from. But i’m pretty sure the egg comes first.

S&F: You started writing songs at age 15. Was there a particular artist or song that sparked your desire for songwriting?

LS: Science is finding that it’s around 15 years the pre-frontal cortex begins to bloom, not so much like a flower but more like a supernova. The pre-frontal cortex is the front part of the brain, sitting right behind the forehead, which manages the emotions, reactions, memories. When this goop reaches adolescence, it’s flooded with hormones that tells it to grow, really fast. which in turn tells the brain “ALL OF THIS SHIT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SHIT OF YOUR LIFE”. And so it is. The world is in hyper color, hyper drive, everything’s electric. They call adolescence the memory bump because the brain is so jacked on its own glory juice. But since I can’t remember why I was suddenly inspired to write songs, maybe I never got jacked enough.  Or maybe the glory juice of adulthood finally frayed my brain.  If I think back further… it was just something I knew I could do.  When I was young.  We’re such beautiful idiots when we’re young.

S&F: You mention that throughout writing “And so they ran faster…” you challenged yourself to face your fears and desires. Have you found that both are necessary for a fulfilling creative process?

LS: They’re both necessary if you want to have a fulfilling life, which will mean different things to different people. Creativity is a symptom of having a life. Like a by-product. So life evolution comes first for me. Certainly you can write about not being able to face your fears or about denying yourself of the things you desire, which I did. I was lucky to have the curtains of denial part just long enough for me to realize I was living in a prison. It’s exhilarating to break out because it’s terrifying. Kind of like making and promoting records.

S&F: Do you find it easier to face your fears in the scope of your songwriting?

LS: It’s never easy to face your fears. The only thing I’ve found that makes life less scary, and I’ll probably always be at least 49% terrified inside, is laughing and dancing.

S&F: Describe the feeling you get when performing live?

LS: I wish it were that simple.

S&F:  What new themes or sounds will you be exploring with the new EP coming later this year?

LS: Laughing and dancing.


Check out  LEAH SIEGEL’s latest music video here.



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