In The Actor’s Studio

Interview with Barron Hilton

interview by JULES HAMILTON

photography by GREG GULBRANSEN
style & production by CYNTHIA ALTORISO
hair & make up by JERRY LOPEZ
styling assistant YACHI GAULT
lighting by BILLY JIM

My friend Barron did a new fashion shoot with Cynthia Altoriso and Greg Gulbransen for an art editorial. The past year Barron has focused on realizing himself as both a muse and an artist in the realms of directing, acting, and modeling. Knowing of Barron’s interest in modeling and acting, Cynthia styled & produced a shoot to showcase Barron in a series of portraits. Surveying a small sample of his work, last summer Barron posed for rising star Bianca Gerasia’s art brand “The Glass Camera” along with No Name Saint. Last May his film Three Deaths (directed by Skye Peters) won the official selection for the IFS Film Festival in LA; and past New York Fashion week he walked for designer Hakan Akkaya as a premier model. I asked for a short interview to include with his photos, here’s what we talked about…

JULES HAMILTON: Barron! Thanks for the interview, it’s a pleasure to feature you in our magazine Spirit & Flesh.

BARON HILTON: Jules! The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for thinking of me.

left: Shirt by Jerry Kaye Collection
Suit and coat by
David Hart

J: You are recently engaged, congratulations! That must feel wonderful and very exciting. How did you meet your fiance Tessa?

B: We met in St. Barth two years ago through a mutual friend. It was at this little cabaret style restaurant called Le Ti St. Barth and Tessa was actually with somebody at the time. After dinner we separated into two cars, so of course I went with Tessa in her banged up jeep (which I loved). As she was driving I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. At one point I could no longer contain myself so I took her hand in mine and said, “You know when you just know?” And the rest was history…

J: What kind of wedding are you both planning to have, something traditional?

B: Originally we were thinking St. Barth, where we met, but unfortunately the island really took a toll after the last hurricane. Right now we are thinking about different locations in Los Angeles. At the end of the day it, we wouldn’t mind getting married in a shoe box as long as we have each other.

J: Tessa’s Instagram seems almost museum-like at times. What are some things you like most about social media? What are things that stand out and speak to you most in social media this day and age?

B: Well Jules, I think it’s a real catch-22. Social media has proven to be a great tool for global organizations to bring awareness to the causes they support. However, I also think it’s setting up some scary values for future generations. Two common questions that come up in my business meetings are “How many followers do you have?” and “How many likes do you get?” Today you really are worth your social media standing in some regard and that is very sad to me.

Sweater by Jerry Kaye Collection
T Shirt by John Varvatos
Pants by Stephen F

J: Do you have any religion or spiritual beliefs?

B: I believe in a higher power that we can all find within ourselves.

J: As an artist, what are some of the things you are most passionate about and interested in doing and exploring?

B: As an artist I don’t feel the need to stick to one platform. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums. It’s all in the process, not the end result. We’re all processes of Becoming and its within art that I discover more about myself.

J: Who are some of your favorite role models that come to mind, living or dead?

B: David Bowie. He really made it feel okay to be different.

J: Rumor has it you are a big fan of horror movies… what’s that about?

B: I’ve always had a fascination with horror films. I love the feeling of being scared, the adrenaline rush; it’s sort of like an addiction for me.

J: You don’t only work in front of the camera. Your sexy short film En Passant went viral after being shared by Eli Roth on Crypt TV. Where did the inspiration come from for your film?

B: The idea actually came to me in a dream. Except the dream was a lot darker, so we needed to make some adjustments…

J: What are five of your favorite films?

B: This is always a tough question to answer, but if I had to pick five I’d say Strangers on a Train, Christianne F, Requiem for a Dream, Big Fish and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

J: Favorite book?

B: The Bhagavad Gita

J: Favorite video game?

B: Gauntlet Legends: Dark Legacy

J: What are three of your favorite words?

B: Crunch, spaz and colloquium

J: What do you think people need from or look for in role models today?

B: I think we should stop looking for exterior outlets and focus more on ourselves. Once we heal ourselves, therein we will heal each other.

J: Deepak Chopra recently delivered a powerful message at the Hilton Foundation’s Humanitarian Symposium and Prize Ceremony. So cool! What was that about?

B: It was a real honor having Deepak Chopra speak at the ceremony. His teachings were about self inquiry. Instead of knowing this or that, seek to know the self. Who am I? This can be done by transcending all human thought which creates the divide. Am I aware? He stressed the importance of not only speaking your story, but living it. He ended the lecture by saying that “it’s no longer about the survival of the fittest, but rather the survival of the wisest.” The future belongs to the evolution of the consciousness.

J: What are some things that make you optimistic about the future?

B: Marrying the love of my life and starting a family.

J: Are you working on or developing any exciting projects you are looking forward to?

B: Right now I am in between acting and working in real estate. The beauty of these two professions is that I get to make my own hours which is amazing. Recently I just finished filming my first feature titled “Kingfish” and I’m heading to Dubai at the end of the month to shoot an editorial for Dubai Esquire.

J: Awesome. Barron, thank you again! Please send my love to your family and Tessa– it’s lovely to share your handsome and artful photos. You’re an inspiring and beautiful gentleman! Congratulations on all your success. Excited to see more as you develop as an artist and cultural icon.

B: Thank you Jules, I will! Always great to hear from you!

left: Coat by Selected Homme
right: Suit and vest by Paisley & Gray

left: Suit by David Hart NYC
right: Sweater and coat by Missoni

left: Sweater by Missoni
Suit by Stephen F
Vintage opera scarf courtesy of Cynthia Altoriso