April 12, 2016

Syrie Moskowitz: Tell us a little about your background and musical career.

Stuart Matthewman: I was born in Yorkshire England but moved to London in the early 80’s where I met Sade . I have Written, produced and performed  alongside her ever since releasing 10 albums, done numerous world tours along the way and won 4 Grammies.

I the Mid 90’s I met a young R+B singer called Maxwell. We have written and produced 3 albums together and have new songs on his forthcoming album.
I have written the music scores for movies including Twin Falls Idaho, Northfork, Astronaut Farmer with The Polish Brothers and Life Support with Nelson George.
I’ve recently being doing live gigs and released an album by my band Twin Danger with singer songwriter/Instrumentalist Vanessa Bley.

Syrie Moskowitz: Tell us something about your style.

Stuart Matthewman: I guess growing up in England in the 70’s watching Bowie and Roxy Music and then getting into Punk and New wave..It was always about looking good, Not necceserally being good looking. English kids were always stealing styles from different eras from the UK, America, the Caribbean and then making it their own… The Clash were a big influence on me style wise. Kinda mix and match old and new. Thrift and designer. I love 50’s style but I have various 20’s/30’s suits including a couple I acquired that were made for Nucky in Boardwalk Empire.